Waste To Energy

Our main process is Hydro-Thermal Gasification (HTG).  HTG uses supercritical water at high temperature and pressure. The required oxygen for the HTG process is generated from the water molecules.

Hydro-Thermal Gasification can transform feedstock(s) such as sewage and bovine sludge, municipal solid waste (MSW), biomass, tires, coal, tar sands and more – into usable solids, liquids or gasses, through HTG.

We have other modes of conversion we can offer as well.

Key Solutions

  • While FENIX has focused on energy there are many more applications available
  • FENIX HTG solutions are optimized for the need(s) of each site
  • Simply it comes down to, “What do you want as a product?”....and, “What feedstock(s) do you have to feed the system on a consistent basis?”
  • FENIX HTG can meet your needs because we have the solutions!

Key Systems

  • DBOT (Design Build Operate Transfer)
  • DBOO (Design Build Own Operate)
  • FENIX HTG can meet ALL your needs which we can customize to suit