About Us

There is a growing global waste management crisis polluting ALL of our environmental aspects:  Water, Land, Air and more.  FENIX Renewal LLC (FENIX) through our product, processes, technology, financial investment and return are based on many key factors which make our turn-key facilities take what used to be waste (Feedstock’s) and now remediates that into two usable constituents, a solid and a gas.  These constituents are now turned into energy, fuels, heat, chemicals, fertilizers and solids in an environmentally-friendly way.

All of this can be economically achieved yielding a high return on investment while cleaning up our Earth by using the Hydro-Thermal Gasification (HTG) system that can produce usable products. HTG can use the waste as the fuel and can produce products thus providing us with usable products that can create additional streams of income. In short HTG provides sustainability through Improvements to the environment on many fronts, turning feedstock(s) into profitable income streams from cleaning up waste, which provides a legacy for our children and future generations which is better than today’s.  We are a team of professionals providing you with tailored solutions to best fit your needs.